Lindsey's Lunchbox

What is Lindsey's Lunchbox?

Lindsey's Lunchbox is a social media management company founded in April 2016 that aims to help creative entrepreneurs, restaurants, and start ups to grow their brand to it's full potential. 

Who is Lindsey?

Lindsey caught onto social media when she was a freshman at Boston University in 2008. Twitter had just started out, and, with a love for new technology, she decided to jump on the bandwagon fast. After creating the @Stonrgrlproblem twitter account and reaching a following of 36K, Lindsey knew that this was the path for her. A few years ago, she created a food Instagram called @DontExpectSalads. Since starting @DontExpectSalads, Lindsey has gained a following of 60K, and has created or taken over 8 different social media accounts. After leaving her job as Social Media Manager at GoButler, she has decided to pursue her dream of opening her own Social Media Management Company, Lindsey's Lunchbox. Lindsey holds a B.S. in Communications from Boston University, and currently lives in New York City.